Soft skills training programs offer solutions as a respond to your company’s specific needs. Our solutions are taking into account your company values, the learning and working style of your teams.

We believe that the training program has to be motivating, interactive, it has to provide techniques that belongs to the “real life” and methods that could be used in the daily activity.

We really believe that learning has to be a process of discovering meaning from direct experience!

And that’s what S&D Development is providing!

Team Development Team Development

Soft skills training programs:

  • „The art and science of communication.”
  • „First time Manager!”
  • „Conflict management”
  • „Motivating employees to be their best”
  • „Change management”

Team Development Team Development

Benefits of our training programs:

• To stimulate an active participation through a participant-oriented approach to our programs
• Personal development plans made at the end of the program help participants to put into practice what they have learned very quickly.
• Practical applications increase participants trust in their strengths and lead them towards a “YES, YOU CAN” attitude