Leading through Change

Change management is the art and science of guiding an organization and its people through the predictable transitions from current reality to a preferred future position. Change manifests in various forms with diverse results and emotions, but there are two things that you can count on: Change won’t go away; it will only increase and you and the people around you need to learn to embrace change.

In this change management training you will taught identify different reactions to change so that you will be better prepared to help employees through it. You will design a plan to help others through change and apply that plan by aligning systems and structures within your organization to better meet the needs of employees experiencing change.

Learning Outcomes

  • Define what change looks like and feels like
  • Identify different reactions to change and evaluate how the change will affect people in your organization
  • Recognize change resistance and explore various sources of resistance
  • Recognize the eight mistakes organizations make during change
  • Evaluate and compare the various roles of team leaders
  • Develop commitment strategies to change
  • Design the elements of a change communication plan
  • Align systems and structures to the change
  • Identify the characteristics of bounce-back people and organizations

Time required for this training: 2 days

Contact: brasov@analytics.ro

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