Leading today’s workforce

Being a manager and being an effective „leader” are very different skill sets. This course will help you learn what the biggest differences are between managers and leaders, how to put the leadership building blocks into place and how to adapt the language of influence. Some of the areas covered will be: the ideal leader, support systems, risk-taking, vision, relationship building, and listening effectively. This course is a must for those managers who really want to make a difference!

Learning Outcomes

  • Delineate between managers and leaders
  • Transition successfully to a leadership role
  • Identify and utilize the various types of power
  • Adopt the competencies critical for effective leaders
  • Further develop listening and communication abilities
  • Recognize various leadership styles and developing its own style
  • Offer appropriate counseling to employees

Time required fro this training: One Day

Contact: brasov@analytics.ro

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