Our team

Dr. Ciprian RAULEA: Psychologist, university professor, competency in Organizational Psychology, Work and Transport Psychology. Vast experience in creating, organizing and lecturing professional training programs for adults.

Dr.Daniela PORUMBU: Psychologist, university lecturer, Master Degree inNeuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Coaching. competencies in Personal and Organizational Development, Training and Team Building Programmes

Mihai EŢCU: Psychologist, trainer and psychotherapist specialized in Classical Psychodrama, competencies in: human resources development, employee evaluation, training and team building.

Oana SUBA: Psychologist, trainer, SNSPA Master in Managerial Communication and Human Resources, competency in human resources development, organizational diagnosis, training and team building.

Sorin SUBA: Psychologist, trainer,  SNSPA Master in Managerial Communication and Human Resources, NLP Practitioner, competency in training, team building, team adventure.

Cătălin BLAGA: Sales management specialist, trainer. Competencies in organizing sales, organizational diagnosis in sales and distribution, sales consultancy and training, sales coaching, route to market.

Dan BELBEA: Alpinist and ski coach in Poiana Brasov, teacher, experience in team building, team adventure, team events.