Team Events Activities

1. Etno Hunt In The Villages Of Maramures And Delta Hunt In The Danube Delta

The Adventure Of Knowledge: customs, traditions, special images, relating with the local people, genuine discoveries, cooperation, communication and active realaxation.

2. Adventure Park Or The Track … In The Trees

The Zip Lines, The Staves, The Admiral’s Ladder, The Boards Of Sahara, The Hanging Blocks, China Walkway, The Tibethan Bridge Or The Dunes Walkway are only some of the trials the participants have to get through the track … in the trees … against time.

3. City Hunt In Brasov, Sibiu Or Sighisoara

Old Buildings, history, legends, the stories of the place, riddles … BUT also team work, communication, time management, leadership skills.

4. The Treasure In The Forest/ Treasure Hunt

Compass or map orientation, trials, solving enigmas, precious hints … all to discover … the Treasure.
It is your colleagues support, trust, creativity and strategy that you need here.

5. The Totem/ The Work Of Art

Colours, paintbrushes, canvas and consensus !
Each paticipant is part of the whole and only through cooperation the task can be carried out !

6. Team Theatre

Actors, directors, screenplays, creativity, spontaneity, mimics, gestures, expressivity, and looooooooots of fun !

7. Team Spirit Circuit

Going over several chalenging activities where the teams will have to solve different trials whose target is to activate the team spirit, to identify creative strategies for solving the tasks, communcation, cooperation and fun …


The Clients, Laser Field, Geometric Forms, The Maze, The Spider Web, Skiing with the team, Crossing the river, Diamonds recovery, Acid River, Tangram, etc.

8. Horse Riding, Carriage Ride And Course For Horse Care

Divided into several teams, the participants will be instructed in horseback riding – trotting experience, they will relax in a carriage ride and learn about the basics of a good horse care.

9. Build a Bridge

Divided into several work teams with no visual contact but also with time and communication restrictions, the participants have to build a bridge out of various materials which have been put at their disposal. Every team’s assignment is to project and form a unitary whole with the parts built by the other teams

10. The Wine Road

Visiting the wine dens, presentation of fabrication technology, tasting different types of wine, creating an advertising spot … and it has to be a general consensus ! ( even if some activities are held in the pitch dark …)

And More Other  Team Events Activities Which:

– optimise communication and facilitate team relationships

– develop cooperative skills, energizes and motivates people